I love all mylks…almond, hemp, coconut, + cashew, however sometimes I like to give my smoothies an extra boost by using healing + supportive teas as my base.  They can be used all year round, hot or cold, and they don’t affect the taste in any way.  Tea is just a lovely way to soothe stresses, spirit woes, and nourish on an even deeper level.  I’ll tune into what my body might be needing during the week and I’ll usually brew up two separate teas to have on hand in the fridge and then choose another two for the next week.  The following are some of my favorites that I have been alternating with lately.

•       TULSI ::  celebrated in India for its complete mind, body, spirit healing properties | also called "sacred" or "holy basil," | rich in antioxidants | eases stress symptoms | soothing + spirit lifting | has adaptogenic properties.  I adore Tulsi Cinnamon Rose for it’s warming + spirit lift.

•       GYNOSTEMMA :: an adaptogen + stress modulator | widely known to be a spirit lifter | invigorating but not in a jittery way | calming, promoting a sense of peace | anti-aging | nourishes the immune system | supports the respiratory system | soothes digestion.  My absolute favorite is Spring Dragon Longevity Tea by Dragon Herbs.

•       NETTLE ::  acts as a diuretic, decongestant + expectorant | stimulates the lymph system and supports immunity | can help to relieve arthritic symptoms | supports the adrenals | eases menstrual bloating + cramping | anti-inflammatory | supports gastrointestinal health.

•       GINGER :: soothes the entire digestive tract | can help to maintain ideal weight | helps the body to absorb nutrients | anti-inflammatory | supports the respiratory system | improves circulation.

•       LEMON BALM :: helps to ease anxiety | eases sleeplessness | relaxes muscles, particularly helpful with menstrual cramps | can be helpful with nausea | has anti-viral properties.

•       DANDELION ::  supports liver + gall bladder health | detoxifying | aids in stimulatingdigestion | increases bile flow | has laxative properties | may reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections in women.




•  14oz Gynostemma Tea

•  1 scoop vanilla protein

•  1T Tocos

•  1T Chia

•  1T Almond Butter

•  1/2t Ashwaganda

•  1/2t Mucuna Pruriens

•  1t Acai Powder

•  1t Coconut Oil

•  pinch Himalayan Sea Salt

•  drops of Omica Vanilla Stevia to desired sweetness (or raw honey)


•  Blend, Serve & Enjoy! 

•  **I keep this more on the room temperature side, but you can add some ice for something more refreshing.**