Photo by Alexa Gray

The movements of the planets subtly effect the collective unconscious. We can use these energies to our advantage, but it helps to know what they are in order to dance with them rather than unconsciously resist. Today, Astrologer and wisdom keeper, Danielle Beinstein, is sharing her astral insights with us so we can gain knowledge and perspective about how to move gracefully through the holidays. 

D| The stars above will guide us on our way as we embark on this very real and intense situation called the holidays. The movements above trickle into our everyday lives and subtly effect the collective unconscious. 

This Holiday season is sure to be interesting, with Full Moons falling on both Thanksgiving (well, technically the day after Thanksgiving, but we’ll still very much be in the energy field) and Christmas. Full Moons are notorious for heightened emotions, illuminations and release. For some, holidays call up wonderful and heart-warming memories of gatherings full of hugs and cuddles and joyful laughter. For others, not so much. I’d venture to say that many of us fall in the second camp, give or take a year. But now that we’re past the upheaval of 2012-2015 (which graced us with 7 life-changing Uranus-Pluto squares), things may begin to shift and settle down, whether we’re (re)engaging with our biological family or have created a makeshift one of our own. Here’s a breakdown of the astrological components present on both days: 

On the day before Thanksgiving, we have a Full Moon in Gemini. And while the illumination will have peaked by Turkey Day, it’s important to note that Gemini likes to talk. A lot. It’s curious and interested and social and sharp, always ready with a witty retort or connection. But this Full Moon is opposite a stellium in Sagittarius, with the Sun (life force), Mercury (communication) and Saturn (maturity, structure, limits) all tightly conjunct. Conversations may take a more serious turn, especially around (societally-deemed) no-go zone topics like politics and religion, as a T-Square (tension) is in play here. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Neptune, which dissolves, is involved, offering a unique opportunity to heal old wounds and resolve long held conflicts.  This is further evidenced with Mars (drive, assertiveness) and Venus (attraction, values) both in Libra, the sign of harmony and diplomacy. Venus, however, is squared by Pluto and Uranus, forming another T-Square (yes, that square, though it’s separating, and it’s less likely to reek havoc with our lives). It’s unlikely that anything new will surface, but it is possible that we will re-visit old themes around money and partnership. We may get triggered. The key is to play the faith card here, trusting in your own intuition and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. We can always transcend.

Christmas sees a Full Moon in the early degrees of Cancer, the sign of family, roots and home. With Mercury (communication) trine Jupiter (expansion) in earth signs, expect grounded expressions of love and support. Tradition plays strongly here, so even if you’re a rebel rouser, look for ways to tap into this energy. Perhaps a family recipe or heirloom can make an appearance.  

Wherever you plan to spend these days, if you find yourself more emotional, take a moment, journal, go for a walk, cry (I’m a big fan of crying as emotional release). Know that, like with anything, whatever comes up is ultimately for your own spiritual growth and awareness. Wishing you all a magical holiday season. 

Danielle Beinstein, MA, is a Spiritual Advisor, Astrological Counselor, Writer, Meditation Guide (she teaches at Unplug Meditation) and the co-founder and co-facilitator of The New Moon Circle, a monthly intention setting circle held in Venice, CA. Born and raised in NYC (and an NYU graduate), she offers a unique blend of East and West coast sensibility, providing her clients with intuitive and pragmatic guidance as they navigate their life’s journey. She graduated from University of Santa Monica’s Masters program in Spiritual Psychology in 2012 and followed with an additional year in Consciousness, Health and Healing in 2014.