Music is the way we get in touch with the unseeable and untouchable elements of life. It connects us to deeper parts of ourselves and allows us to get in touch with our emotions. Just as we nourish our body with food, we can nourish our mind, body, and spirit with music. Lifting us up when we feel down, calming us when our hearts need soothing, and getting us moving when we feel the need for expansion, music can be a deeply healing & therapeutic tool for well-being. It can ignite creativity, heal our deepest wounds, and create the soundtrack for our most memorable experiences. 

These are playlists are made form the heart and can add an extra element of magic for any of your daily activities. Whether you are cooking, working, dancing or doing yoga, I invite you to shuffle these songs and let them take your soul on a journey. 



DANCE                                                                                FLOW