Do you sometimes feel that it’s near impossible to feel balanced? We strive to do our best and sometimes really get off track (i.e. staying up late, glued to instagram & not taking enough time to ground and connect). Recently, I have been working with Holistic Nutritionist, Kristin Dahl, who truly walks the talk when it comes to health and has helped me with my balance.

She is the kind of person that prioritizes relationships, turns off her cell phone, and makes time to prepare wholesome meals for herself. The dream way to be, right? To help inspire balance in your life, we created a fall chai coconut smoothie bowl to visually symbolize the wheel of life. Just like life, the bowl is not perfectly balanced, but all the elements are in harmony with each other. Using the wheel of life, Kristin is going to give us her essential tips for finding balance as we make our way into this holiday season, plus a fantastic recipe for you to enjoy!

K | Today’s smoothie bowl invites you to take a look at your own “wheel of life”. How are you nourishing all aspects of your life wheel? How much sun, fresh air, and time in nature do you get everyday? What are your home and work environments like?  How much downtime do you get and do you take regular breaks from technology? 

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