The kitchen is the place where my creativity unfolds. It’s where I can tune into the rhythm of my life and connect to true nourishment. I get lost in the textures, smells, tastes, and rich qualities of a dish. Before I cook, I turn up some great music, pull out my best knives, grab all my farmers market finds from the fridge, and let the magic unfold. Because I live in a cottage, my kitchen is really small, so having the right tools is the key to fluidity when it comes to creating a new recipe. I honestly use these items everyday, if not several times a day. One of the first steps to getting healthy and really taking care of yourself is to take the time to prepare your meals at home. Having the proper tools makes it that much easier and takes some of the challenge out of creating healthy, delicious meals. Here’s a sneak peak into my go to kitchen supplies that will open up the potential for some fantastic recipe creation!


Food Processor

I love having this in addition to my vitamix- This is ideal for chopping, blending & pureeing, also works wonders for dry items like nuts and seeds, for making granola and bars. It’s also perfect if you are making a smaller batch of dressing, sauce, or hummus.    

Large 16cm Wusthof Knife

 I use this knife as much as my vitamix- again, a pricey investment but trust me, its well worth it! Be careful- it’s super sharp!

Wide Mouth Ball Jars & Glass Containers  Galore!

I store everything in glass containers and jars. The food stays fresh longer and you avoid the nasty bp’s in plastic. These also last so much longer and keep your fridge looking clean & organized!

Wood Cutting Board

I literally use this for everything besides meat or animal products. It’s the perfect surface for cutting and makes prepping so much easier!  


I can’t live without my vitamix! I know it’s a HUGE investment but I purchased mine 5 years ago & have used it everyday since. It’s fantastic for smoothies, soups, raw dips, and salad dressing.