Being prepared is always my number one rule when it comes to eating healthy on the road! Let’s face it; it can be super challenging to find healthy fare on the go. So my best advice is always to plan ahead, pack ahead & remember that you are probably better off water fasting than eating shitty plane food. Check out my quick travel guide + key tips to keep you feeling your best on the go! 

The one snack you can always find in my carry-on: Raw, organic almonds + an apple & dark chocolate. If it’s a really long flight, (over 5 hours) I pack a balanced salad with some type of complete protein, like kitchari + nuts & seeds and a homemade granola bar OR I’ll fast & drink tons of water and herbal tea. I ALWAYS avoid plane food. Sometimes it's not an option to bring your own food, so just nibble on some almonds & drink plenty of water - you'll thank me later! I also pack some high quality teas & any specialty items I may use on the road (like moon juice protein!)

In-flight rituals: The first 20 minutes of the flight is generally spent meditating & doing breath work. I use Tata Harper’s irritability treatment to ground me throughout the flight & to help with motion sickness. The rest of the flight is spent reading, catching up on a little work, or resting. I also get up a few times during the flight to stretch. This is especially important during long flights to keep my body open.

How to conquer jet lag once you've arrived: Taking a B vitamin complex before flying to balance the effects of travel stress is always helpful, and I make sure to double hydrate the whole flight (flying is incredibly dehydrating). I continue to drink extra water the first few days of the trip. Hydration & exercise are definitely the keys to feeling great when I travel. I also pack some type of electrolyte replenisher or minerals to add to my water as well, especially for long trips. This helps with jet lag, supports digestion, and rehydrates my body after flying. Once I arrive, I like to go for a brisk walk to get my blood flowing and do some stretching and restorative yoga poses that night to rebalance my body from the flight. It’s also helpful to get in the sun & start regulating your melatonin cycle (if you’ve switched time zones) (a melatonin supplement MAY be helpful upon arrival)

The #1 Key to healthier travel: Hydration -Drink water. It sounds simple, yet is often overlooked. Plane trips are dehydrating, and water keeps you healthy by cleansing toxins and hydrating tissues. Carry plenty of good (bottled spring) water with you for air or car travel, and drink it. Sun and salt are dehydrating, so balance your need between salt and water. Coffee & alcohol can also dehydrate you- add a glass of water for every caffeinated or alcoholic beverage you have. Sip on herbal tea, like peppermint or chamomile at the hotel. 

Finding healthy Food: Look up the nearest health food store, whole foods & local farmers markets before you arrive. Pick up some simple and nourishing snacks that will eliminate the need to eat quick junk foods. Good snack choices include fresh fruits, nuts, chopped fresh veggies, green juices/smoothies, dates with almond butter. Look for local juice shops & grab a protein/superfood smoothie or green juice. Always pre-pack a homemade trail mix or granola, gf crackers and your favorite healthy snack items from home. It’s also super helpful to stay in an air b n b with a decent kitchen so you can make several meals at home.

Workout on the road style: I love to explore my surroundings. If I’m with my man, this often means a full day hiking adventure with maps to lead the way and a dip in the ocean or local swimming spot or gallivanting about town, people watching & taking photos! I also prefer walking and biking vs. constantly taking cars. Researching yoga studios and running paths ahead of time is helpful as well.    

How I keep my immunity high: I always bring a few lypo-spheric vitamin c packs to take in flight & the first few days of travel for an immune boost. Blue green algae, like spirulina or chlorella are always great to have on hand for cleansing and extra energy. I also pack a new enema kit, in case I get constipated (common nervous system response to new environments). If it’s been more than a day since I’ve gone, I pick up distilled water and do a morning flush to get things moving. I also pack enzymadica’s digest gold: digestive enzymes to help break down strange foods and heavy meals + Urban Moonshine digestive bitters ( they make a great travel size!) taken pre-meal to boost stomach acid & enhance digestion. For gas and bloating, I drink peppermint tea. A healthy gut is the key to keeping my immune system strong. I also Pack magnesium citrate and take 2 per night with water for deeper sleep & bowel regularity. 

‘GO-TO’ restaurant item: Salad + whatever vegetables/dishes are local, seasonal, and fresh. Farm to table is always the best bet. If it’s breakfast, I’ll have a smoothie or a bowl of fresh fruit, porridge or eggs & greens.

Drinking: Try to cut back on alcohol when traveling. It can be very dehydrating, mess with blood sugar, and packs on extra pounds. When you drink, go for red wine. Red wine is high in antioxidants and contains resveratrol, which has been proven to lower cholesterol, decrease inflammation and support heart health.

What to do to stay grounded: Yoga. If I can’t get to a class I run through a few sequences on my own. I also make sure I have plenty of downtime to read/relax and take baths with lavender essential oil. Meditation and breath work are easiest for me to stick to when I’m traveling. Finding a local café and relaxing with a warm cup of tea is one of the easiest ways to get grounded & connect to my surroundings.

Other things leave home without: Nucifera, Jiva Apoha Atman oil, bronners travel size lavender soap, an ashwagandha tincture to combat travel stress, some high quality tea, stevia, a couple of great books & a decent camera for shooting (or nowadays sometimes just my iphone :/ )