Creating patterns, rituals & routines.

 So many of us set new years resolutions but it is actually the establishment of sustainable daily habits that bring us closest to optimum health & wellness. Here are some basic principles & practical tools for creating balance and inner harmony.

Slow Down & Tune in - Practice a meditation style that feels right to you. Some of my favorites include hypnotherapy and deep, cyclical breathing. These practices promote deep, restful sleep, slowing the pace, and allowing us to feel into ourselves again. 

Take Tech Breaks - Create space to reconnect to yourself, to the earth, and to reality. Take a full week, weekend or vacation away from technology. Instead of checking your phone or computer right when you wake up, try starting the morning with a meditation, a bath, or a cup of tea. Give your life space from technology so you have the opportunity to get clear and refocus on what matters most to you. This will leave you feeling expansive in your heart and connected to life’s deeper purpose. 

Set intentions – Turn resolutions into intentions. Write lists of all the things you truly want to manifest in the next year. When you get clear on what you really want, you attract what you desire and manifest powerful things. Establish healthy and sustainable habits that support your body and lift your mood.  This will support you in creating more balance and offer clarity to your vision.  

Create Boundaries - With food, people, parties, and social obligations. It's ok to say no when you need time to relax. Over-scheduling, overeating & overindulging eventually wears you down and leaves you full of anxiety & imbalance. This eventually affects the immune system and causes inflammation. Find time to ground yourself. Let your system rest a bit with a few days of healing soups and herbal teas. Get into nature, take long naps or baths, and replenish your soul. 

Limit Caffeine – Give your nervous system a chance to fully relax & let your adrenals heal. Consumption of too much caffeine results in a poor absorption of minerals and depletion of B-vitamins. Leaving you feeling depleted and low energy. The overstimulation of your nervous system also eventually burns out your adrenals, creates hormone imbalances and can be a contributing factor in weight gain. Take a break from coffee for a while, gradually replace with green tea & then slowly to herbal tea. Let your body come back to its natural state of energy and strength.

Express Gratitude – Offer your natural gifts with those you care most about and remember all that you have before you. Express love, kindness, and deep gratitude at every opportunity.