Pregnancy is a miraculous experience and an essential time for self-care. Whether you are pregnant or thinking of conceiving, this is an opportune time to nurture every aspect of your being through physical, nutritional, and spiritual nourishment. Today, Summer Sanders, Mama, Wellness advocate , and Owner of Local Juicery shares her pregnancy wisdom for a healthy, vibrant experience. Check out her birth story here. 

S | Pregnancy is different for every woman. It’s sacred, it’s miraculous and it give us the opportunity for profound growth and power. Each woman will have her perfect unique experience. There is no right or wrong way to do it. What works for one woman may not work for others and that’s totally okay. I the things I want most for woman is to feel confident in the beauty of their bodies, to trust the natural instincts of motherhood and to savor the depth of connection they will to spirit during pregnancy. These tips that I’m sharing are things that really helped me bring my child into the world in a incredibly loving and healthy way. I hope that these tips are enjoyed and used if they feel like they resonate with your soul vibes.

1.     LIMIT RADIATION. One of the most important things to me while I was pregnant was making sure I was letting my little one’s body and brain develop properly. Radiation from phones, wifi and smart meters is really strong and so much research is showing that if effects on developing brains and overall health is extremely damaging. My husband and I created an environment that was low in EMF (electro magnetic fields) and excess radiation. What I did to insure this was:

•       We hard-wired our computers, no more wifi. This might seem absolutely crazy and seem like it would be a major bump, especially if you work online. What I found was it helped me be more productive to be stationary with my work.

•       I turned my cell phone on airplane mode every night and I never kept it on my body. I would keep it on ring and leave it across the room. I kept it off or on airplane mode whenever possible.

•       We opted out of the smart meter at our home and we actually bought silver cloth to block neighbors wifi and smart meters. This might seem a little extreme and maybe it is, but I will say both my husband and I slept much better after we put up the blockers.

•       Be aware of ultrasounds, yes they are a wonderful way to feel connected to your baby, but if you don’t need one for medical reasons, consider skipping it. The long term effects of repeated ultrasound exposures on the fetus are not fully known and thus it is recommended that the ultrasound only be used if medically indicated. Read more about pregnancy wellness at The American Pregnancy Association.  Did you know that your doctor or midwife can give a great estimate of your due date based on the size of your growing tummy? There are many ways to connect with baby and keep him/her safe while in your tummy. Reading, singing, looking at pictures of you and your partner as babies, reading about what stage of development baby is in was so fun for me and really kept me feeling connected.

2.    EAT CLEAN. Easier said than done. Especially when you’re feeling some strong cravings    and emotions. It’s important to feel really nourished and loved when your pregnant, often are cravings are not related to hunger or food. You can find ways to feed your needs that are not related to eating… You can ask your sweetie to rub your feet, chat with your mom or best friend, go on a nice walk, these things nourish your heart without making you feel not so good afterwards. I’m all for a healthy indulgence, it’s just that when we’re pregnant sometimes we have a tendency to “let it all go” and eat all the fried chicken, doughnuts and pizza we’ve been keeping ourselves from. Find a healthy replacement for intense cravings (sprouted grain pizza crust with veggies instead of dominos). My healthy pregnancy food staples:   

•       Avocado

•       Raw sprouted walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pistachios

•       Stream caught wild fish

•       Organic pasture raised eggs

•       Coconut (in all forms!)

•       Hemp seeds

•       Lots of greens! Broccoli, chard, kale, spinach,

•       Red cabbage

•       sprouted buckwheat, amaranth, chia and steel cut oats

•       Ghee

•       Organic cold-pressed green juice

•       Watermelon, apples, citrus, papayas, pineapple

3 .    CONNECT TO SOURCE. If you do nothing else, do this. Babies feel everything you are feeling. They are so connected to spirit and so connected to mama. If you are going though intense emotions, stress, pain… little one will pick up on it. It’s part of life to feel low and go through things, but how we decide to respond is totally up to us. By connecting to source thorough whatever way you resonate best with you will limit your stress and hold a healthy emotional space for you and your little one. I chose to practice A Course In Miracles and do meditations each morning and evening. My husband was deployed in the Middle East during most of my pregnancy, so I did have a lot of outside stress… by choosing to respond to the stress with love and connection, I was able to manage my emotions, tension, fears and found true strength in spirit.

4.     EDUCATE. If this is your first baby, one of the things you can do to best support yourself is to learn all about it! Watch birth videos, read, listen to other grounded women’s stories, talk to your mother… Saturate yourself in it.  A cautionary note: Woman love to share birthing an pregnancy stories, sometimes they like to share a very painful birth or a really hard labor. Listen if you must but remember that you will have your own unique and perfect experience, don’t let the fear grab you. Some of my favorite reads:

•   Mama Glow by Latham Thomas

•   Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskins

•   Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskins

•   Birth From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz

•   Pushed by Jennifer Block (more about the truth on childbirth in modern times)

5.     OIL UP.  A French friend of my with amazing skin tone told me to use lavender and almond oil every day on my growing tummy to help my skin stretch with ease. I loved this routine so much I still do it. It’s calming and it really works.

6.     MOVE. Move your body! This is good for you, for your mood and for baby. Even if it’s just a 15 minute walk each day, movement helps you stay healthy while carrying. Yoga is amazing for pregnancy. I did some form of movement everyday until I gave birth. Movement while pregnant can help you at the time of birth. My top favorites:

•       Tracy Anderson Method for Pregnancy

•       Hatha Yoga

•       Brisk Walking

•       Weight training with a professional

•       Jogging if you are already a jogger (be sure to do this away from cars and pollution!)

Blessings to you dear mama, you have everything you need within you for a brilliant pregnancy any birthing journey.