My go to products and remedies for daily holistic health support. 

Holy Basil Tea - For Blood Sugar Balancing, healing the adrenals and immune system support. I drink this almost daily!

Wellscent – Lavender oil For Relaxation & Deep Sleep. It also works as a bug repellent, a wound healer & an antihistamine.

White Angelica Essential Oil – The perfect oil To Protect From Negative Energy /Taking On Energy & Relief From Motion Sickness & Headache Relief. It also smells divine- So Uplifting!  

Bach Flower Remedies - Gentle Support To Overcome Emotional & Physically Discomfort. White Chestnut calms the mind and encourages peaceful thoughts. 

Enzymadica Digestive Enzymes - For Heavier Meals Or Animal Products, enzymes help support the digestive process and help to relieve digestive discomfort. Take 1-3 with meals.

Tongue Scraper - Removes Bacteria, Eliminates Bad Breath & restores oral hygiene. Perfect post oil pulling. 

Bronners Lavender Soap – I love to use this gentle, all purpose soap As A Body Wash & Travel Soap. It’s also the prefect buffer for shaving.

Coconut Oil- For Just About Everything – I Use a tablespoon of this In Tonics, for Oil Pulling, as a Hair Treatment, Makeup Remover, and In my Smoothies. Coconut oil is also great for high-heat cooking, like stir fried vegetables and baked root vegetables. 

Epsom Salts – Relax muscles, reduce inflammation and soothe stiff joints. Add 10 drops of lavender oil to an Epsom salt baths for extra relaxation.

Red Flower - Wipes Free of toxins and loaded with botanical oils. These are perfect For Pre & Post Yoga & Workouts. I always keep a few on hand for a quick lift-me-up!