Beauty is truly an inside job; nourishing ourselves from the inside out with nutrient dense foods and nurturing thoughts gives us the advantage of aging in a gradual, subtle, and harmonious way. Living confidently, in health & wellbeing, we gracefully honor ourselves as we grow into our beauty & wisdom by making mindful, conscious decisions that serve our bodies and keep us thriving.

The more we can accept ourselves just as we are, at any age, the more we radiate from a space of inner peace. Nevertheless, It’s imperative that we take preventative steps to care for the longevity of our mind, body & spirit. The more we work on strengthening our immunity now, the more resilient we are in the future. Counteracting oxidative stress with antioxidant rich foods, cleansing our bodies seasonally, feeding our minds with positive thoughts and intentions, and actively participating in our own happiness all support a gentle aging process.

The following recommendations support a balanced holistic lifestyle, nourishing mind and body as we age.

Diet- The more antioxidants, the better. They counteract oxidative stress- think berries, dark leafy greens and pure dark chocolate.  Foods high in EFA’s (essential fatty acids) keep the skin glowing, reduce inflammation, and work to rebuild skin cells. They also fuel the brain and enhance memory - think olive oil, walnuts, avocados, cold water fish, flax and hemp seeds. It’s also imperative that we get enough dietary fiber to keep our digestion flowing and clear the body of old waste.

Hydration is also a HUGE factor – dehydrated skin over a long period of time accelerates aging. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces! For example, if you weigh 130 lbs, drink 65 oz. every day. Add some lemon to your water for extra vitamin c and whole body alkalinity.

Anti-aging superfoods like goji berries, seaweed, coconut kefir, fermented foods, turmeric, chlorella, coconut oil, collagen, colostrum, ashwagandha & he shou wu.  

Movement- Make it a priority! Blood flow = oxygen = GLOWING SKIN. Get outdoors for long walks and hiking. Earthing is another way to get more minerals into the body and prevent aging. Take your shoes off next time you’re at the beach or on the hiking trail! Other key factors for exercise are balancing highly active training sessions with restorative, gentle ones- think a run or spin class, followed by restorative yoga class or pilates.

State of mind- Forgiveness, compassion, and self-love are all key factors of staying young. The more we forgive and let go, the more we flow through life and life energy, in turn, flows through us. When we hold on to dark thoughts or negative patterns, it creates more stress and Qi stagnation in the body. Love yourself and your ever-changing body, everyday. Make peace with change & uncertainty and do your best to connect with your heart everyday. An attitude of gratitude will add years of youth to your life!

Supportive Supplements- A plant-based multi whenever your body is under stress, sickness or needs more balanced nutritional support. Apple cider vinegar before or in meals to alkalize, stimulate digestive fluid, and support elimination. A high-quality Vit C when your immune system needs a boost or when you’re traveling. Add a probiotic whenever your gut flora is off, you’ve been sick, or contracted a stomach bug.

Products- Sunscreen to prevent pre-mature wrinkling, body oils to moisturize and tone the skin, aroma therapy to support restful sleep, stem cell serum to rejuvenate the skin, and retinal serum to enhance skin renewal.

Lifestyle- It’s important to spend plenty of time in Nature- not only is it soothing to the soul but trees are also loaded with oxygen. Seasonal cleansing keeps the body vibrant, flowing, and full of life energy.

A consistent sleep routine is a key component to literally turn back the clock on aging: our cells regenerate while we sleep. Work on clocking roughly 8 hours a night! Therapies that support blood flow can be a luxury for some, but for me these are key in reducing inflammation and increasing immunity – Think massage, acupuncture, and infrared sauna. Relieving stress is also an important component in maintaining youth! Try Mediation & deep breathing techniques to calm and center the mind. Also consider listening to hypnotherapy before bed for even deeper sleep!

Creating harmony with your inner and outer world through food, thoughts, rituals, and meaningful relationships is key to looking and feeling your very best. Think of everything that you do now as a preventive measure towards anti-aging and as an immune boosting practice for your future state of health. Let’s learn to take care of ourselves more so we can experience true vitality and embrace our beauty in all it’s forms.