Rachel Garahan is honestly one of the most talented women I know! She's the kind of girl that always looks effortlessly gorgeous, plus, she's wildly creative, deeply philosophical and has an incredible eye for aesthetics. Rachel is an LA based creative consultant and the beauty (brains) behind the bohemian lifestyle blog, One Part Gypsy. Today, Rachel shares her simple beauty routine, plus some of her favorite products with us. Enjoy!

R | I do my best to keep a minimalist lifestyle, and my beauty routine is no exception. While I used to love experimenting with new products and different looks, in recent years I’ve enjoyed simply sticking with what I know works instead. Not only do I appreciate the time saved by avoiding the researching, shopping, testing, returning, does-this-hot-pink-lipstick-look-okay loop, but I can shower and get out the door in under 20mins. Less clutter in the home and in the mind. A good thing!

Here’s what I do on a given day:

1) I start by spritzing my face with Heritage rosewater. (I prefer the kind with glycerin because the kind without can by drying)

2) Then I use either Tata Harper’s Replenishing Nutrient Complex (heavier) or Nucifera balm (lighter) depending on the season and what my skin needs.

If I don’t have plans that day, I air-dry my hair and stop here! It’s great to let the skin breathe when there’s no need to cover it up. I don’t even use sunscreen unless I know I’ll be spending extended time in direct sun. Although we’ve been taught to fear the sun, I embrace a little Vitamin D.

If I do have plans:

3) I still try to let my hair air-dry, but brush it using the Wet Brush (it’s amazing for not breaking fragile wet hair) then run a Chi hair-straightener through it and twist it around to make a few light waves. Here's a good tutorial if you haven’t seen it done before! My hair is super fine and gets easily damaged so I try not to blow dry it unless I really need to. Sometimes I also use a little John Master’s rose and apricot hair milk on the ends (Nucifera works too) while it’s still damp if I need some extra moisture.

4) On my face, I start with RMS un-cover up #33 and apply it liberally under/ over my eyes anywhere else my skin tone is uneven. I love this product because it blends perfectly, never creases, and is all-natural.

5) Then, I use Tarte’s airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush to apply Fresh Cosmetics' face luster in sandy lane. Unfortunately they’ve stopped making it which is such a shame because I really love this one. Luckily I stocked up before they were totally gone but I’ll need to find a good replacement soon!

6)  Nars makes a mini blush/ bronzer compact that’s perfect for someone who doesn’t use it all the time. I like the "orgasm/ laguna" combo which looks as though it may have been a limited addition, but you can buy them seperately here and here. I do some very basic contouring by putting the bronzer around the edges of my face and under my cheekbones, and then the blush on my cheekbones.

7) On my eyes, I curl my lashes and use a clear gloss mascara that I’ve mixed some black mascara into- I prefer this more natural look to a heavy lash most of time. I’m not tied to any brand for these two things- whatever they have at the drugstore.

8) Lastly I use NYX lipliner in Nude pink with a dab of Fresh Cosmetics sugar tinted lip treatment in rose. I just use a bit but don’t feel complete without it!

That’s it!  Nothing too fancy- just a few products I can trust every time. Enjoy!

Rachel Garahan is an LA-based creative consultant helping individuals and high-vibe brands in the lifestyle and wellness industry take their aspirations to the next level.  To learn more or to book a free consultation, visit You can also find her on her personal blog One Part Gypsy or instagram @onepartgypsy.