15 years ago I began a healing journey that radically transformed my life. My journey began with traditional therapy & led me on a path of experimenting with healing modalities of all sorts. 

One of the most profound modalities I experienced was the shamanic practice of soul retrieval. It unearthed protective patterns, helped to clear stored trauma, and opened me up to the healing powers of the spirit world.

Shamans believe that when we have been hurt or traumatized, pieces of our soul go into hiding. This soul-loss can happen from just about anything that causes us intense pain or suffering. It’s our psyche’s protection mechanism and it allows us to endure even the most horrendous physical or emotional trauma. In Psychology, this retreating from self is called dissociation. In shamanic cultures, however, they believe these pieces of our soul move into spiritual realms & can only be recovered with shamanic ceremony, consistent spiritual practice, and the integration of a holistic lifestyle.

To one degree or another, we have all experienced some type of soul loss. There are many signs of significant soul-loss: disconnection from the body, ongoing immune deficiency, loss of vitality, chronic depression/anxiety, ptsd, and grief that lays permanent & heavy on the heart. Other ways soul-loss can express itself are addictions to eating, spending, substance abuse, and sex. The trauma creates an ever-present void that is unable to be soothed. When pieces of our soul go missing, we tend to want to fill up on anything that will ease the emptiness inside.

When we do the work to heal our trauma and soul-loss, it serves as a preventative measure for future dis-ease in the body. In my practice I have repeatedly seen the physical effects that manifest as result of major and micro traumas. I have also experienced this in my own life. Ifleft untreated, these wounds often express as hormonal imbalances, weight gain, digestive issues, and other rare disorders, which are difficult to fully heal without reclaiming the soul parts.

In shamanic cultures, soul-loss is often addressed within a few days of a traumatic event. In our culture, we often experience several intense disturbances in our lifetimes that go unaddressed until illness arises or our unconscious patterns from the trauma become so apparent and unbearable that we can no longer go on living in disharmony.

Soul-retrieval is often performed under the care of a shaman, who investigates spiritual imbalances & helps to recover lost aspects of the soul in order to heal physical and emotional symptoms. The most effective soul-retrievals, however, result when individuals do the internal work to unearth repressed pain and re-integrate their shadow parts. A commitment to wholeness requires an ongoing dedication to confronting the wounded aspects of ourselves with love and compassion.

There are powerful ways to begin to prepare for soul-retrieval

MEDITATE::: Meditation is a powerful tool for connecting to spirit and becoming conscious of what is happening just beneath the surface. Regular mindfulness meditations are helpful for clearing excess mind-chatter and connecting deeply to ourselves. Use meditation classes, guides, or recordings if sitting in silence is difficult for you.

 GET CLEAR::: Clean eating, seasonal cleansing, and regular movement all provide a clear channel to our spirit. I got clear by having the strength to overcome addictions that clouded my mind: addictions to spending, eating, drinking, and drugging. Overcoming addictions cleared the fog that had been obscuring my intuition and self-awareness and provided a clear channel to my spirit.

UNPLUG::: Regularly unplugging from technology & taking space for quiet reflection offers so much clarity. It’s imperative that we allow this space for ourselves. Constantly filling up our time with the distraction and ego projection of social media is a way to avoid the feelings deep inside of us that need attention. Everything in moderation is the key to a balanced holistic life. Journaling is also powerful tool.

SEEK SUPPORT::: Connect with a spiritual teacher, somatic therapist, holistic practitioner, or shaman to support you on your healing journey.

BOOKS & RESOURCES::: Soul-Retrieval, Connecting to the Spirit World, Healing Toxic Thoughts,  Healing Sounds, Plant-Medicine,  Brain Training, Silent Meditation Retreat , Integrating the mind & body