My favorite Summer beauty products for enhancing that outer glow!

PRATIMA SANDALWOOD MASK is the most divine face mask I've ever tried & the Soho spa is a must try NY experience. 

JIVA APOHA ATMAN OIL My favorite massage & body oil. The Atman is my go to for grounding and doubles as a gentle fragrance oil. A beautiful balance of sandalwood, tulsi, palo santo & neroli. 

ROSE QUARTZ GUA SHA. It is an amazing self care tool to release excess heat or cold out of the lymph tissues. It helps to move stagnation and increase blood flow. It can be used on scars and cellulite to smooth and break up blockages. Apply oil and move the gua sha back and forth until you feel relief or redness appears. Carved from a Rose Quartz to increase self love. Use in combo with heat and oil (Canyon Sun Body Oil or Breast Oil)

VEGAN STEM CELL MASK Revive and restore your skin with this refreshingly pure face mask treatment, infused with organic plant extracts. The enriching properties of the natural ingredients increase elasticity and actively regenerate your skin cells for a supremely smooth texture. After just 15 minutes, your skin is nourished and hydrated with a visible glow. 

NUCIFERA BODY BALM- The only beauty balm you'll ever need! This stuff is magic. Made with a coconut oil based and mixed with the most heavenly essential oils, this all in one does just about everything. 

SUNTEGRITY TINTED SUNSCREEN - I use this daily, without fail. It's light, evens out skin tone, and it's the perfect size to keep in your purse. 

POPPY & SOMEDAY GYPSY ROSE TONER Replenish, restore, and renew your face. The sweet floral scent in Gypsy Rose Toner helps to soothe sensitive and irritated skin conditions. Rose's nourishing effect is cooling and anti-inflammatory helping to calm and tonify blood vessels. Infused with rose quartz increasing love and compassion. Spray on face morning and night.

TRUE BOTANICALS PURE RADIANCE OIL -  This calming blend helps to heal and restore sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. It also gives you that supple, dewy/dreamy summer glow from the outside in.

MOUNTAIN ROSE HIBISCUS TEA One of my summer favorites!! Check out this simple recipe. In TCM hibiscus is known for it’s cooling properties + it’s great for pitta types or in the hot days of summer when you need to cool + calm everything down. Hibiscus is supportive + regenerates liver function, works as an anti-inflammatory and is loaded with vitamin C.