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My nutrition practice is based on a holistic, personalized + integrative approach to health and wellness. Together, we will look at how all areas of your life are connected and how each one impacts your health.

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and how to integrate these choices into your everyday. Together, we will implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, vitality and long-term health & wellbeing.


Kristin Dahl is a Los Angeles based nutritionist, herbalist, and women’s wellness educator whose teachings emanate from her extensive education in holistic healing, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, plant-based cooking, and functional nutrition. Her book, The Art of Wellness, co-written with Olympic Gold Medalist Stephanie Rice, has gained global attention for its integrative guidance on health and wellness. Kristin’s approach merges the practical and spiritual, educating and empowering individuals to take preventative steps and make lasting change.

Kristin spent much of her youth immersed in the arts, studying photography, specifically portraiture, which opened her to the light that resides in every individual. Working intimately in this way fostered an early appreciation for the power of human connection and the ability to transform shadows.

During this time, Kristin simultaneously worked as a teacher with several inner-city non-profit organizations for underprivileged and homeless children. She also engaged in philanthropic work with volunteer organizations overseas in India and Southeast Asia. These humbling experiences instilled a profound sense of empathy & tenderness for humanity, which she brings into her practice.

With 10 years of experience in the field, Kristin has consulted with countless clients struggling with their vitality, and, through her knowledge, skill, and aptitude for personal transformation, has helped guide them back to whole health. Kristin approaches her work with warmth and compassion, always making space for each individual’s unique background. She has extensive personal experience with mindfulness, cbt therapy, trauma healing, shamanic studies, and mind-body work.

Her latest project, The Women’s Wellness Collective, is a member-based community for resources & education through the life-stages. The public site is a space for inspiring and meaningful content, and the private members-only website provides comprehensive healing guides & protocols for the life-stages of a woman: ranging from teen to elder, touching on the many milestones, challenges, and transformations of a woman.

The Women’s Wellness Collective is a potent healing tool for those in need of direction, a space for insight & education, and an alternative approach to self-guided healing & preventative care.

In all of her work, Kristin is dedicated to empowering her clients to live a vital, vibrant, and wholehearted life.


Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism, Functional Nutrition, Women’s Wellness & Mind-Body Healing

Seasonal Cleansing, Pregnancy Preparation, Hormone Imbalance, Digestive Disorders