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“Working with Kristin far exceeded my expectations. Not only did she help me to upgrade the products in my kitchen and identify items that would help support my goals, but she gave me the full breakdown on my recent blood work, offering far more info and insight than my doctors ever came close to. This in itself was life changing- but Kristin went above and beyond, following up with reference sheets, recipes and a plan of action to keep me on track. Separately, I can attest to Kristin’s gorgeous and approachable cooking style- her recipes are unique, fresh and simply delicious. She is such a knowledgable and talented healer– I am truly grateful to have her on my team!”  

Rachel Garahan | Designer of onepartgypsy.com | Ojai, Ca  


“Working with Kristin was a real joy. She has such a light and positivity about her as well as being incredibly knowledgeable in nutrition. I really loved the way Kristin meets you at your level and offers advice to help make incremental changes to see you along your own personal journey. That made me feel confident and excited about the transformations we could make together.”

Stephanie Rice | 3 x Olympic Gold Medalist | Brisbane, Australia


“Initially I wanted to complete Kristin's 21 day transformation program but I found this to be difficult to incorporate with my schedule and I really made progress with her via personalized nutrition consulting. Her knowledge really impressed me especially in the domain of detoxification and heavy metals. I knew she was of a high caliber because her responses validated this. 

After having several sessions with her now I am amazed at the improvement in my health, skin, energy and it seems effortless to eat healthy for me now. I know she helped me reset my body and this was a huge piece of the puzzle for me. Her unbelievably caring, non-judgmental and compassionate approach really allowed me to tell her all of my concerns about my body and health and this is fundamental for me in a successful experience. Being that I live in France I was apprehensive about the long distance arrangement at first. But with our first session this dissipated quickly and it was almost like she was right there with me. She is so genuine and kind it brought me to tears, she truly does care for others and becomes a detective of sorts to try to help you overcome what ever challenges you may have. To me, my experience with her was priceless and she has really had a huge impact on my health, happiness and overall wellness. I can't say enough good things about her.”

Diane Manda | Marseilles, France


“Today is the first day in perhaps 6 months that I've felt comfortable and joyful in my body. For a year I have felt like a foreigner in my body only to find out that I had PCOS, which explained so many of my health issues that were having a detrimental effect on my emotions. Since starting work with Kristin Dahl I have lost 10 lbs, I am getting stronger, healthier, and more in love with myself every day. This is an incredible program that I wish all women would try!”

Sonia Lessuck | Brooklyn, NY


“I've achieved more with Kristin in 3 weeks, than I've been able to do in 7 years of trying to figure my health out alone. I've already gained 7 pounds of muscle, and look stronger and leaner than I ever have in my life. I feel healthier, people keep commenting how great my skin looks and I love knowing I'm following a proven plan that's good for me. Seriously one of the best decisions I've made!”

Brandon Hakim | Los Angeles, CA


“Kristin has been nothing short of amazing in her work assisting me on the path to optimal health. Helping me restore digestive health was primary, yet her insightful guidance in other areas was powerful as well. She has comprehensive knowledge that gave me confidence, and her insight and nurturing demeanor made our process both a pleasure and a success, with notable improvements thus far.” 

Louis Lenard | CEO, Sleeping Monks | Los Angeles, CA

“The Art of Wellness is a beautiful compilation of life changing guidance that helps bring the reader into a life where full potential can be achieved. Following these approachable strategies and the guidance of Kristin and Stephanie will transform how you live.”

Meghan Telpner | Nutritionist and bestselling author of UnDiet | Toronto


“The Art of Wellness is thoughtful and complete, offering extensive knowledge on a broad range of topics in an easy to understand way. Al- though reading it once will transform the way you think about wellness, it is sure to become a bedside, kitchen, and gym bag resource for years to come.”

Rachel Garahan | Designer of onepartgypsy.com | Los Angeles, CA


“FINALLY.....a stylish & artfully done A-Z wellness guide that is a joy to read! The Art of Wellness is full of easy-to-apply tools that serve as a comprehensive guide to fully transforming your health from the inside out! Love this book, it’s truly an integrative approach with the most delectable recipes!”

Eileen Moran | Architects of Experience | New York City


“The Art of Wellness is an essential tool for anyone wanting to nail down the fundamentals of health.”

Josh Gitalis | Clinical Nutritionist | Toronto, ON, Canada


“This book is a treasure! It’s a holistic roadmap that will change your relationship with food, exercise, and stress. Kristin designed a transformational nutritional program for me and now she is sharing her wisdom with the world. You will enjoy the delicious recipes, inspiring lifestyle practices, and the positive energy in this beautiful book.”

Roberta Oster Sachs | Emmy Award-winning journalist and leadership trainer | Richmond, VA


“I found this book incredibly helpful and inspirational in starting my own wellness journey.”

Lisa Ng | Editor of ThisBeautifulDayBlog.com | Los Angeles, CA

“I had long admired the cover alone of Kristin’s book The Art of Wellness and was so delighted to participate in the 21 Day Transformational Cleanse.  Trust me, I’ve done a cleanse or two in my time but this one was truly transformational.  I went in with the goal of getting sugar out of my diet.  Ultimately, out went the sugar and in came the transformation.  Life always throws a few twists and turns my way and having an open and clear mind, I was able to greet the changes a bit more effortlessly and ultimately, I walked away feeling much better physically and mentally than I had in the past.  I also loved the options of a choice to be vegan, vegetarian or Paleo. Otherwise, I feel restricted and give up.  I highly recommend this program.  Thanks Kristin!”

Kari Gran | Kari Gran Skincare | Seattle, Washington


“I've done the 21 day transformation program 4 times & I've lost almost 20 lbs since the first cleanse. I feel better in my body than I have in years! Kristin's program has taught me so much about nutrition, my body and sustainable weight loss.”  

Jude Dulhunty | Los Angeles, CA


“The 21 day cleanse offered an opportunity to explore my relationship to food, to begin to recognize patterns i.e. eating during periods of fatigue or anxiety and to experiment with healthier food.  It was a process of letting go, reflecting and making room for positive changes.  I developed an increased awareness of mind-body-spirit connection that helped me to better meet my needs, especially emotional needs;  i.e. hungry vs need for sleep, exercise or stillness. I signed up for the cleanse hoping to lose weight, develop an improved diet and feel more energy.  Although I lost several pounds, I believe the greatest benefit was a shift in eating patterns; I’m certainly eating a more healthy diet with improved hydration and in better touch with how I’m feeling.  This has helped to improve my self care practice including a loving acceptance of self.  I feel refreshed, renewed, energized and engaged with the possibilities in my life.  The group support was helpful.”

Jane Lachance | Boston, Ma


“Thank you so much Kristin for this 21 day transformation!! I really have noticed a change in my energy levels, mood, and most importantly, my body since completing the program. I really like how it opened my mind to think about my body in a more holistic way. I found it be a really balanced plan and I thought your advise was very well thought out. At the beginning of the 21 days I shared with you that my intention was to get my body and mind into healthy place to support a healthy pregnancy. I really appreciated how through the support group and weekly conference calls you were able to tailor the plan based on my specific needs. We were so excited (after almost a year of trying) to get a positive pregnancy test just a few days before completing the cleanse! Talk about results! The process of opening up and slowing down to eat well and meditate, letting go of the feelings of negativity and stress and just be fully receptive welcoming a little soul was so powerful. Even now nearly 4 weeks after I completed the program, I have continued to make healthy choices, hydrate, and take time to take care of myself. I’m so happy with this positive change in my life and so excited for what the next chapter will bring!”

Lisa Quarello | Los Angeles, CA


“The past 21 days have been so enjoyable, it was fun to learn again and just focus on my own personal health and health goals. I found that before I took the 21 day cleanse I had started to get off course in my health, both physical and spiritually. This cleanse has give me the inspiration to get back on track and truly was the best thing I had done for myself in a long time. Kristin's contagious energy inspired me everyday. Invest in yourself, this cleanse will teach you the life skills to lead a happier and healthier life.” 

Michelle Garland | Vancouver, Canada


“Kristin's 21 day cleanse helped to jumpstart my new health regimen. I lost 10 pounds and feel even lighter. I am less bloated and have more energy when I start my day. thank you for the great recipes, your joyful spirit, and the positive reinforcement.” 

Roberta Oster Sachs | Emmy Award-winning journalist and leadership trainer | Richmond, VA